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Transit Workers for Children
Transit Workers for Children

Transit Workers for Children is a non-profit organization founded in June of 1994 to accomplish two goals:

1. To provide moral and financial support to the children of transit workers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

2. To enhance and inspire the lives of children in our communities throughout the Metropolitan area.

When we began this service for the children of transit employees who had lost their lives while performing their jobs the support was limited, the union program did exist. This is why we developed a means to help ease the burden. We take pride in the fact that our efforts motivated the union to do something in this area and appreciate the additional resource though on occasion employees have confused us with the union program. We are a separate program created by employees with two distinct goals.
In addition to the crisis support we provide children with opportunities to attend various cultural, educational, and sports events within the greater metropolitan area. It’s our belief that when you expand a child's horizons, you improve their opportunities in life and potential to become a successful adult. These young people are selected from family shelters, churches and community organizations; they are generally recommended by our sponsors.

Our organization will continue to strengthen and develop youth charities and programs to meet the needs of our families and the communities in which we live in. By organizing New York fundraisers, working with charity partners, and sponsoring other activities, TWFC provides a chance to collectively pool our financial resources together and contribute to our metropolitan area children without overburdening your financial resources, and time. Transit Workers for Children is the solution. Your contribution will make a difference; become an active Sponsor and participant in a much-needed program.
In the fifteen years that TWFC has been in existence we have provided activities to over 30,000 children. We are also proud to say that TWFC has sponsored charitable events that have raised financial support for members of TWFC families in time of need. These activities demonstrate what can be accomplished when we pool our resources
 We are asking employees to contribute at least two dollars per-week (four dollars per –paycheck) for a tax-deductible contribution. This hundred and four dollar per year contribution can make all the difference in a child’s life. This can be accomplished through payroll deduction by downloading and completing the pledge form. 
 The parents of children who have been affiliated with TWFC are pleased with the organizational efforts and accomplishments. These parents have a good sense of confidence that our programs TRULY MATTER and express their needs. 
 I would like to leave you with this thought in the fight for our families and communities, there are no sidelines, “We are either part of the solution or part 
 of the problem.”
Sponsors and Donations

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